Define Rendering Meaning

An image thats created or rendered with a computer. There are mostly 3D renderings.

Graphics apps sometimes have different renderers or rendering engines. Some of these are able to produce photorealistic images.

idiot: Whoar look! Thats sum cool renders!11!

professor: Its "renderings" you fool! A computer renders to produce renderings. Have I rendered myself clear?
By Leda
A Band defined by Rock and Industrial genera as well as Electronica, Heavy Alternative tendencies.

Renderic sounds something in between NIN, Depeche Mode and the Cure.
By Opaline
Using Software/Hardware to display a image created by a program

Could you render that CGI out for me?
By Georgia
to savagely fuck somebody up

Jimmy - Yo your moms a whore
Anquan - Fuck U nigga, ill render you right now
Jimmy - Chill bro
By Leonore
In 3D Computer Graphics, creating an image (usually bitmap/pixel based) from a 3D virtual construction (a model) by calculating the way lights and other factors will affect the model in question.

Take out the area lighting and the scene will render a lot faster.
By Joannes
A word used to describe someone very, very drunk.

See also wasted, hammered, sloshed, pissed, tanked, ad infinitum.

"Woah, that guy is seriously rendered!"
By Dyan
To leave in a certain state, usually a negative one.

Quincy was rendered helpless after the quick lassoing by Darren.
By Jo Ann
Photoshop's feature that makes your computer extremely hot for five minutes, after which nothing is accomplished.

I was wondering why the fuck the image was coming up with all these jagged lines. When I found a Render button I figured….ohhhh…that’s the button that’s gonna do ultra high sampling ’n’ stuff
and this jagged piece of crap is just a quick, working render so gpus don’t melt ,but apparently “Render” means….”Get Hot for 5 Minutes”
By Quentin
A middle age male who grew up in the 80’s and had to watch porn on his parents dial up internet! 🤣

Dammit this video is rendering and taking forever
By Casie
Is often seen in connection to ParanoidCoder and may have plain ability to shock people.

ParanoidCoder was stroling down the sidewalk to get a render for himself.
By Alverta