Define Restrictive Meaning

When you can't log into your account.

James: "Why can't we play multiplayer?"
Viktor: "I'm restricted."
By Tatiana
Generally used when talking about eating disorders, meaning restricting food intake.

"Have you been restricting again?"
By Junia
When something stops you from attending an event.

Shiv: I can't come to the park today. I've got to help my mum.
Laura: Arrrrr restricted!!
By Melita
1. When you can't do something
2. When a person cannot get to class
3. A bear
4. A person who likes Ice Mountain

Girl: Hey Restrictions
Boy: Why do you call me Restrictions?
Girl: Go look it up.
By Hyacinthie
It's basically restricted but a different word.

The park is restrictive to go in. (I hate this example)
By Anabal

Linda: "Why isn't she on her phone?"
Sara: "I think she's restricted"
By Katti
What they put you on when you go to crap boarding schools like me. They take away things you NEED to do for no reason.

Me: Yeah, uh, I'm HAVE to get part-time job, so from now on I'll have to leave after school every couple days for a few hours.
Advisor-guy: You can't do that.
Me: What? Why can't you guys let me?
Advisor-guy: Because.. uh.. we like to suck dick.
By Clementia
Put a limit on

He wasn't trying to restrict her activities
By Austine
RESTRICTED is an alias of a kid that thinks he can make a difference in the world with his music that he usually uploads on Soundcloud.

Kid 1: Have u heard RESTRICTED's new track on SoundCloud?
Kid 2: Nah man, is it good?
Kid 1: Na, its shit.
By Jenine
Restricted Caller
Somebody who Calls you using *67 because they are immature and want to annoy the living crap out of you. Restricted callers tend to be large groups of annoying girls who are trying to play a prank and end up giggling half way through what they were trying to say. Restricted callers are never funny although they hang up laughing as if they were.

*Ring Ring*

Guy: Hello?
Restricted Caller: Yes Hi *giggle* Would you like a *giggle* large pepperoni goat pizza? *giggle giggle*
By Marybelle