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Rick James
80s rock star notable for his song "Superfreak." Recently came into popularity due to an extremely popular and referencable episode of Chappelle's Show, in which he is portrayed by Dave Chappelle and repeatedly makes such statements as "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

"Charlie, there's a new joke goin' 'round, have you heard it? What'd the five fingers say to the face?"
"SLAP! That was cold blooded, haha! Bang bang! I'm Rick James, bitch!"
By Filippa
Rick James
1.A bad motherfucker that spent too much time snorting lines of crack.
2. A singer from the 80s that no high school age person knew about until Chapelle put him on his show. Now everyone thinks they're Rick James, but they really just need an ass-kicking

1. "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

2. "I'm Rick Jmaes, bitch!"
"Thats it! You're dead!"
By Calida
Rick James
songwriter, producer, of the late 70's and 80's

Ya wannna smoke with the ole boy Rick James?
I offer you a truce...the stickiest of the icky
By Marley
Rick James

It's a celebration bitches!!

They should neva gave you niggas monay!!
By Barbi
Rick James
A popular singer known for his its like "Mary Jane" "superfreak" "Ebony ayes"
was brought back into mainstream conciousness after being portrayed by -Dave chappelle-

common(aka common sense): Why aint Rick James aint remembered for Classic Hits...Why do remember Rick for smackin a Bitch?"
By Jasmin
Rick James
verb; to furiously and vigorously rub your dirty feet on a friends pillow, couch, or other sacred material posession.

"Dude, you left your pillow on the couch again so I had to rick james the shit out of it with my muddy work boots. Put your shit away from now on."

By Bettina
Rick James
fried up coke fiend from the 80s who enjoys using the word Bitch, fuck yo couch, and darknesses.

its a celebration bitches...I'm rick james!!!
By Frances
Rick James
For awhile after Chapelle did a scit about him on Chapelle's Show, many people could be heard yelling "Im Rick James Bitch" across the school halls. Sadely the real Rick James died shortly there after. Also sadely, one of his most notable last comments was, "Cocain is a hell of a drug".

person A-"Im Rick James bitch"
person B-"Rick James is dead bitch"
By Deane
Rick James
The Super Freak is super dead!
R.I.P. Rick, we hope god shows you his titties!

I'm Rick James Ghost Bitch!

By Robina
Rick James

What did the five fingers say to the face?
By Louisette