Define Rick Meaning


I ricked my girlfriend so I wouldn't get santorum on the bedsheets.
By Em
verb: to lick, suck, or draw something with the mouth. Specifically to the act of removing 'santorum' orally. (see santorum)

I don't mind dirty sex, but I would never rick santorum.
She would only let him fuck her in the ass if he would rick santorum.
By Kiah
(v.) - to remove something with your tongue. The word is a combination of the words "remove" and "lick," and was popularized by its use in the famous sex column "Savage Love."

I have ricked a lot of things in my life, but I will never rick santorum.
By Bonni
To suck the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex (also know as santorum) out of someone's ass

He was so grateful for the lay that he ricked his partner.
By Juliette

The master ordered Jason to rick Adam's bunghole when he was done.
By Francesca
v. To totally beast at something (sometimes followed by "on")

Damn, man, I ricked that test.

Dude, you were ricking on hitting that girl!
By Ange
to completely and utterly screw something up so badly that it cannot be repaired. The result of sending in an idiot to deal with a burched situation.

That thing with Brenda is ricked. I'm just never going to call her again. It will be easier.
By Chloe
A lazy guy. The kinda guy you see walking down the street or sitting behind some desk and you think man, he be lazy yo.

"Person: can you look this up for me on urban dictionary?"
"You: No man, don't be such a Rick"
By Katee
When something bad just happened, or when something has been screwed up.
Originating from the motion picture "Dude! Wheres my Car?" In the scene where the two lead characters find out that their car has been impounded their only response is "Rick..." (Rick is the name of the officer who accidently sent their car to impound)

"Rick dude that sucks."
"Mega-Rick that guy just hit my car."

Rita:"Johnny I have a confession..."
Johnny:"Whats up?"
Rita:"I'm cheating on you..."
By Albertine
Rick is a synonym for bro, dude, or fam. A rick is a person who you hang out with often and is a good friend.

Hey rick, check out that awesome game.

Person 1: I recorded the new episode of Rick and Morty for you.
Person 2: Thanks, rick.
By Martha