Define Riley Meaning

riley is incredible. she will love you forever and believe in you more than you believe in yourself. she's not the friend that will be for you when you cry, but she'll have a wet shoulder from your tears. shes the girl that thinks shes the ugliest girl in the world and that all of her friends are so pretty but in reality she's the beautiful one. and not only are her looks beautiful, but her personality is. she's such a bright soul but she has convinced herself that nobody likes her. she thinks she'll never have a boyfriend but she doesnt realize she has guys lining up to talk to her. she can be really chill and quiet but if she opens up she can be so goofy and so much fun to hang out with. she's the one that says sorry after ranting because she has convinced herself that everyone could care less about her feelings. she's the one that ends up being the only one single in the group but nobody understands why. she says she's okay with being single but deep down she wishes she had someone to cuddle with at night. she hands out her little pieces even though so many people have broken her. she seems fine but when you get to know her she has gone through some deep shit. she lets everyone walk all over her and manipulate her so she's is always being used. but depsite that she's incredibly positive and always tries to look at the bright side. so if you find a riley. get ahold of her and keep her around, she's a good person to have by your side in life.

wow. she's amazing. she has to be a riley.
By Daron
someone that stays up all night and eats a lot of food but doesn't gain weight. she is probably going to be a crackhead when she is older. she also would probably hit a dinosaur if she could and overthinks everything.

person 1: oh my gosh look it's riley
person 2: i think she just killed a dinosaur because he was getting on her nerves
By Carolyne

By Odilia
verb/noun; to riley someone is to give them the best lay of their life. to "get a riley" is to be on the receiving end of such a phenomenal sexual act.

"Man, last saturday that girl totally gave me a riley!"

"Just you wait until we get home and I give you a riley."
By Valera
an aerodynamic being

By Bellanca
A guy with bulging biceps and a massive cock. Usually associated with nailing a girl named Madi. This guy is ridiculous. And they often have a hard time walking the next day after enjoying an evening with riley.

That girl is walking really funny.
Ya she musta got Rileyed last nite.
By Wendeline
The most insanely, cool person in the world. He is an awesome drawer and so hot

Riley's nickname is ri ri and he is a good drawer.
By Lanna
to question a politician or public official with self-abasing, deferential sycophancy.

(used transitive and intransitively)

Named after Australian reporter, Mark Riley, who fawns sickenly over the Australian Prime Minister, thus rileying her.

The alleged journalists fell over themselves to riley the Prime Minister but Mark Riley outdid them all when he rileyed her at length.
By Rori
a guy with the best looking six-pack on earth. he can be needy at times but he’ll come around and get over himself. he’s very confident but can be a little cocky at times, but it’s low key kinda hot👀 riley also has big dick. yum.

yum i wanna fuck a guy like riley so bad.
By Filide
some one who likes to suck on weiners espically very small ones

that girl is such a riley
By Kassie