Define Rinky-dink Meaning

Worthless, badly made, cheap, non-functioning crap, broke down, shitty, the opposite of bling

That rinky-dink car my ex left me ain't worth crap.
By Freddy
Rinky Dink
Small, of little worth, something that has had little time, money and energy invested into it.

That new recording studio is a real rinky dink operation.
By Anatola

Look! A Rinky-Dink house !
By Meade
Rinky Dink
handsome, cute, cool. from the Romany Gypsy word for good-looking, rinkano. now also has a dismissive perjorative usage arising from its apparent diminutive sense which arises from the internal rhyme

here's the pink panther
the rinky dink panther
By Sondra
Rinky Dink
n. An aimless, poorly attired miscreant.

"Downtown's nuthin but hella rinky dink crackheads."
By Min
Rinky Dink
Derogatory term associated with Oriental people, in particular the Chinese and Vietnamese.

Look at that slit-eyed rinky dink bastard!
By Abbi
Rinky Dink
Cute way of saying that something is about to fall apart.
Similar to dinky rink but usually said the other way around.

The party favors at Mary's quincietta were really cute, but also rinky dinky.
By Alane
Rinky-Dink is the average gamer's toy name for nintendo's mascot Link}.As seen in many British Nintendo fanboy magazines.

Some Nintendo magazine: "Rinky-Dink is rearin' to go kick ass in a new fast paced game, the Legend Of Zelda: Pure Awesome"
By Dorolice
Name given to the style of music played by Jools "I love myself" Holland on his late-night show.

"Tune in same time next week for some more rinky-dinky entertainment!"
By Daryl
Rinky Dink
an abusive phrase usually associated with the 'Zelda' character Link..use to make him feel small, stupid and/or 'only a game'

"look at that gay rinky dink Link, his cel-da games are abooness"
meaning: those zelda games are heavy, especially the new one but that Link has short legs
By Florance