Define Road Trip Meaning

Road Trip
a movie where an old man knocked a figurine with his boner

By Beitris
Road Trip
When everyone goes drivin around in the spot where the least amount of cops roam and toke toke toke it up.

Want to go on a road trip later?
By Malinde
Road Trip
Much like a power trip, a "Road Trip" is when a driver feels like he/she owns the road and feels as if they are a better driver than the other drivers around them.

That asshole just cut across a 4 lane highway and cut me off, he's definitely on a road trip....
By Iolande
Road Trip
Word used to discribe when a girl fingers a guy in the ass in order for the guy to have an errection.

"Sex with my girl is great except when she pulls that road trip move. That freaks me out."
By Henryetta
Road Trip
Visiting my fucking in-laws on psychotropic drugs.

We better pack plenty of mushrooms for the road trip to your parents. Then the utter shit that comes out of their mouths might make some sense.
By Arlinda
Road Trip
using "herbs" while in a car

By Amber
Road Trip
The long and boring trip that eventually becomes memorable and fun through time.

Mike: Road trip!
John: Dude those are so long and your car smells like shit.
Mike: Yeah but in ten years it will be the happiest moments of your life.
By Darci
Road Trips
Long car rides with friends, family, pets, etc. Generally entails excessive heat, or air conditioning, rest stops, pee breaks, speeding, sleeping, and lots of cities. Red bull is acceptable.

Hey, let's take a road trip to Florida from Michigan.

Yeah, I love road trips.
By Valida
Road Trip
When a bunch of kids get in a car (most likely a VW Bus, most likely with tons of drugs, and drive to an exotic destination (like Vegas or New Jersey).

It happened more in the 70s.

Dude, let's go to Vegas! Hell yeah! Road Trip!!
By George
Road Tripping
The act of getting buzzed on the drive to the party so you do not have to endure being the soberest person at the party.

We're going to be road tripping it up there.
By Charita