Define Rodrick Meaning


That's my Rodrick
By Allina
the nigga who fucks your bitch on a regular he may not seem like but he is a fuckboy. he rarely falls in love if you have one check his phone 24/7

Rodrick is such a hoe he fuck all three of them bitches.
By Blanche
Rodrick is perfect in every single way. Smart, funny, incredibly gorgeous, silly, mature and handsome individual(s), who is/are without a doubt the very best person to love. No matter what happens to me, good or bad, I can be happy because I have a Rodrick.
So when you find a Rodrick, never let him go!

By Lynette
He’s an amazing boyfriend Smart

Amazing in the bed gets what he wants he’s a very funny person sometimes nice sometimes mean❣️

Rodrick is a very caring person
By Freddie
A social construct. There are millions of these.

By Debbie
Not My Rodrick
A même that's been circulating because some pussy ass imposter pizza delivery lookin ass soccer mom mother fuckin willy wonk- Jeffree Star's cousin plastic surgery lookin bitch thinks he can replace my one and only daddy, Rodrick Heffley.

"Diary of a wimpy kid you say? Which one?"
"The one from 2017"
Oh bitch no that's not my rodrick
By Minta
Not My Rodrick
The New Rodrick Heffley Actor Portrayed by Charlie Wright the Corn Flake, Soccer Mom, Edna. A Meme tag Known as #NotMyRodrick Has been flooding The Internet. We Don't Want a drug addict playing Rodrick! We want our hot daddy Devon

By Catlee
Rodrick Heffley
rodrick heffley is the og eboy and millions of people, including me, simp over him.
He founded the band, löded diaper in 2003. it has since released two songs: 'baby' (which justin beiber stole) and 'exploded diaper'.

He is the favourite character in the doawk series and in the movies was played by devon bostick.

However in the fourth movie he ws RUTHLESSLY REPLACED by and fish-looking lord farquaad rodrick.

this started the not my rodrick meme.

Person 1: who is your celebrity crush?
Person 2: rodrick heffley, im in love with him.
Person 1: me too, I simp over him.
By Ginger
Rodrick Rules
can be inputted after the title of any sequel. reference to the children’s books, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

the bible 2: rodrick rules
world war 3: rodrick rules
shrek 5: rodrick rules

holocaust 2: rodrick rules

minions 2: rodrick rules
By Dee
Not My Rodrick
this saying goes towards the 2nd diary of a wimpy kid movie because as we all know.. rodrick was our beautiful emo king in the first movie and some ugly ass drug addict took over in the second movie and everyone hates him :)

By Charline