Define Ruins Everything Meaning

Ruins Everything
When your friends/siblings find dirty meanings in everything you say because they spend all their time in Urban

Sara: "Disneyland shortbreads must taste like happy endings!"

Carol: (Ruins Everything) happy ending
By Karoline
Adam Ruins Everything
A show in which a man named Adam Connover ruins everything you knew about the world. Examples include: divorce, history, exercise, sex, etc. Recently he has done an animated series called adam ruins history.

Adam: "Hi, i'm Adam Connover, and this is Adam ruins everything"
Literally any other person around him: "Oh god..."
By Starlene
Adam Ruins Everything
Adam connover covers things that are USEFUL topics that we thought; than school, more educational and can be learned in YouTube or in Trutv.

Person 1: school taught me something

Person 2: like electric cars are just putting more carbon footprint in the earth; or how food expiration dates are causing MORE food to be thrown away?
Person 1: WOW where did you learn that?
Person 2: sitting on my ass and watching "Adam ruins everything".
By Betti
Adam Ruins Everything
A TV series that learns you about the misconceptions in our society.

Oh hav you seen the new animated episodes of Adam ruins everything?
By Donnamarie