Define Rule 3 Meaning

Rule 3

ZOMGz I just found out Squizzle Squirrel yiffed with Aussie WildDog! What have we told Squizzle about yiffing! Never violate Rule 3! Don't stick your dick in crazy!
By Alanna
Rule 3
One of the most important rules that states you can never leave a public area without some tongue tackling with some hot girl(s) you just met.

Neko: So did you rule 3 it?
Matt: Yeah for sure bro, we hit up mansion and pirates. Gotta say mansion is better.
Neko: Im proud of you man.
By Zenia
Rule -3
There can be only one man in an entire school that doesn't love ANYONE. Absolutely no one.

Boy: Love is overrated!
Boy 2: didn't someone else say that?
Boy 3: Rule -3, bitch.
By Stepha
Rule 3

12 yr old kid: who are you guys?
other person: hey kid, rule 3
By Marnie
Rule #3

Dilly: I don't like ur pants
C-SPAN: rule #3
By Caroljean
Rule 3
If someone says "stop", goes limp, or taps out the fight is over.

Rule 3
By Maribelle
Rule 3
The number of girls/boys someone says multiply/divide it by 3. If its a guy, take the number of girls they said and divide it by 3, if it's a girl take the number of guys and multiply if my 3.

" I slept with 3 girls over break."
"Did you hear that guy, three girls!"
" nah dude, you don't know the Rule 3?"
" Oh yeah, Divide it by 3. He only slept with one girl."
By Leland
Rule #3
NEVER Shit At School! Ever.

If you feel your stomach rumbling just stay home and save yourself the embarassment and shame. NEVER, Rule #3.
By Ira
Rule 3
If one person has to think/know something, the other person must also think about it.

Kate: 'Imagine walking in on Billy "stroking his beard".'
Lisa: 'Why must you tell me that??'
Kate: 'Rule 3.'
By Melisent
Rule 3/4
Any grouping of instruments and genre that you can be conceived of does exist and has been preformed (and recorded).

A musical interpretation of rule 34.

rule 3/4 as preformed by Korn and their use of the bag pipe in "Chutes and Ladders", also Arcade Fire
By Angele