Define Saddam Hussein Meaning

Saddam Hussein
Evil incarnation of the Mario Brothers, also goes by the name "Wario" has been known to terrorize the country of Iraq and the Mushroom Kingdom, resides in Bagdhad, Tikrit, Drain Pipes, and The cloud level.

Saddam and Mario look like the same guy..
By Celene
Saddam Hussein
A very well hung individual.....
His pen-is very big and satan knows it.....

Did you hear Saddam Hussein was hung?
I guess he really is well hung now!
You don't get it? Let me ruin the joke by explaining it!
By Carley
Saddam Hussein
The greatest leader to rule Iraq after the breakdown of the monarchy there. Iraqis hating him is mostly just US propaganda.

"Bil rooh, bil dam, nafdeek ya saddam" - (with our soul, with our blood, we sacrifice ourself for you Saddam). Iraqi chant used by the people to express their great love for him
By Shelli
Saddam Hussein
Saddam has done nothing wrong? Let us talk about who is ignorant now. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not Saddam Hussein is a mass murderer...does anyone remember the kurds? Saddam is a mass murderer and tyrant who formerly ruled over the people of Iraq.

By Cindi
Saddam Hussein

By Oralia
Saddam Hussein

Whys is saddam hussein such a big dick?
By Carlen
Saddam Hussein
1. A dumbasss dictator whose name is short for Sodomize Hussein.

2. Bush's scapegoat for everything.

1. Damn, I hate that Hussein. Such a dick...

2. "Unemployment is rising, blame Hussein!"
By Hilde
Saddam Hussein
An Innocent Iraqi DickTator abused by Mr. President Bush, who is the REAL terrorist to destruct Saddam Hussein's home country.

A terrorist leader with WMD, but were never going to use it against his enemies, if his enemies respected him when they did, or at least, tried to.

Even though Saddam Hussein was a bad leader, we should have never defeated him and let him rule Iraq. Mr. President Bush just lied about him and his evil plans and claims that Saddam Hussein is a terrorist when the real terrorist is President Bush! I hope he gets assasinated for bombing Iraq and goes to hell for bombing Baghdad Iraq, destroying peoples lives there.
By Dacia
Saddam Hussein
Evil, murderous dictator who would have continued to fuck up the lives of the innocent people of iraq. many people moan about the fact that the US went into war against him forgettting that everyone did nothing while hitler took over most of eastern europe and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

I dont want to help people i dont know, so ill let Saddam Hussein continue to kill innocents.
By Wandie
Saddam Hussein
Something you insert in a hole, like a tampon.

By Shelli