Define Sal Meaning


that white boy sal had a huge one
By Madge

just got some gas, you wanna sal later?
By Brandise

By Teriann
to dive; lay out

misused as "sell out"

Narnian Root

to sal for a baseball, or to sal from a fast moving car
By Joela
1.The act of having a tiny turtle inserted into the rectum and then removed and swallowed alive by the person who had it in their rectum.

2. Small Asian Lesbian

1. I heared susan pulled a sal last night

2. Kim is such a sal
By Coletta

Mary was alone and had that feeling between her toes so to relieve her sexual frustrations she got naked and sal-sal until she cum.
By Nicola
Sal Sal
an urban Cincinnati word used to describe one who is high off ectasy or any other pill. It is said that rapper Cross started the term.

"Do Da Sal Sal"
"You Sal"
By Marlie
another definition for jakol; the act by a man of sexually satisfying himself by holding/pressing his penis and moving it up and down until semen comes out

Umagang-umaga nagsasal-sal ka na naman!
By Ajay
The Sal
When the guy in the light up shirt snatches the hottest chic on the dance floor, cuts a rug, then fingerbangs her in front of her 18 year old son.

Did you see what happened to Neal's Mom last night? She got The Sal. Neal ain't the same now.
By Dierdre

My friend refused to do a dare, so he was Sal.
By Mozelle