Define Salaried Whore Meaning

Salaried Whore
A professional prostitute who is not paid per trick, but annually.

This is a term, or phrase, invented by the undersigned as a rejoinder to a poet who said (and many other writers agree) that "cellar door" is the most poetic phrase in English. I alleged, in response, that "salaried whore" would do just as well, and is a more stimulating term.

By Maritsa
Salary Whore
Someone who will change jobs on a whim just to make a higher salary. They will leave responsibilities, teams hanging. First usage: Mark M., Houston, TX, 2004.

Dang. Jane just started with us and was supposed to replace Bill, and after all that expensive training, Jane went back to her old job for more cash.

What a salary whore! Now what are we going to do?
By Tallulah