Define Scott Meaning

A super cute, awesome, nice, funny, and sweet guy!!

girl; *HE MUST BE A SCOTT!!* (in her mind)
girl; WHats ur name?
guy; UHmm, Scott :)
girl: *I KNEW IT!!!* :)
By Terra
The most amazing guy in the world who makes you laugh until it hurts. Cute, funny, and every positive adjective in the dictionary, and has lovely blue eyes. Did I mention he's smart, and great at running? Oh and he's sweet and always nice to everyone. Makes me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! The most amazingest person I know! :)

person 1: guess who made me this awesome card
person 2: oh thats easy, it was scott :)
By Evangelin
Whitty, dark hair, dark eyes, handsome. Great writer, quiet, shy, opinionated, smart. loving to those around him. He can take your breathe away, make you nervous, think to much. He wants more for himself but afraid to leap. Wants love but afraid to hurt. Great smile, amazing hair. Likes dress shirts and boots. Turns heads.

Doesnt know how amazing he is - Scott
By Orelia
god like. ruler of the universe and ruler of eternal time, pentacle of existence. Without description due to human incapability of seeing/understanding the totality of good in one being at one time.

"scott"to see or understand is imposible
By Cassi
a dirty-minded idiot that would find any excuse to slurp or moan or anything under that category.

this does not apply to every scott boy out there. The one in my class is a fucking disgusting freak smh
By Latashia
A man who pretends to be a great person but in the background goes around cheating on their "girls." Also likes to keep ex's in the picture by offering to be their "fun buddy." Overall scotts are just a big bag of douche.

you cheated? stop being such a scott.
By Kristien
Douche bag. Liar and cheater. Two faced. Initially charming, deceiving, and thinks he's better than most people. Racist. Loser. Disrespectful to mother, father, sister, and cheated on every girlfriend he's ever had. Claim to have changed and will go to great lengths to make his lies believable. Only sweet when the chase is in progress. Unintelligent. Very VERY good liar.

Hey, remember that guy I started dating a month ago? He turned out to be such a scott, ugh it's disgusting. I can't believe I didn't see his nose coming.
By Casie
Generally someone who is too intelegent for their own good, likes sugary candies, and is flaily. Also describes somene who is anti-social, and would rather play video games than go to the movies.

"Why the hell wont that scott go to the movies?!"
By Alyss
a force you must purge from humanity before we run out of time. they're coming

By Malissia
The measurement of suction power of an asshole. One Scott is equal to the force required to suck up water through a straw. Also known as buttforce.

I can't believe Steve-O just chugged all that beer through his ass. That had to require at least 20 Scotts!

Was her asshole using 50 Scotts, or was his dick using 50 trevors!?
By Malissia