Define Screwing Meaning

the art of using your dick to ram either a pussy, an asshole, or a watermelon.

I was rammin that fuckin pussy last night. Since she didn't lemme cum, i fucked my own ass and then a huge watermelon.
By Rafaelita
To be angry, pissed off and/or to frown (your face looks screwed up)

By Blakeley
Going really fast in a volvo or plymouth acclaim- also going really fast in general

When Tim and Amy and Joe and GWP left the Inn, they were screwing.
By Lotty
Screw That
Said after someone tells or asks you to do something that you're too lazy or you just don't want to do. Can be used the same as "fuck that" or "I don't want to" .

Jim: Dude pass me a coke?
Bill: Screw that!
By Ursola
a more subtle substitute for the word "fucked"

1. describes someone who just had sex

2. the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems impossible to solve/get out of

1. "Dude, I think Sean screwed her last night."

2. "We have our exam TODAY?! Dammit, I'm so SCREWED!"
By Gloria
Screw This
An act of not giving a fuck over a certain thing or subject.

Teacher: You have 5 things to do for homework, class.

Tom: Man, Screw this!
By Goldi
Screw It
1.)Fuck it
2.)Dont do somthing
3.)A fun word to say

1.) Man screw it, im not doing homework.
2.)Sleep??!!,Screw it.
3.)Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!!Screw it!! (hehe)
By Neysa
Screwed On
Opposite to someone who has a screw loose i.e a bit dopey.

You obviously had your head screwed on while you were tackling that piece of coursework.
By Vevay
To be in a hopeless situation or position, without a chance of redemption. To be

1. For a student wanting to pass a class, failing the final exam would result in them being screwed.

2. A criminal that is trapped in an alley by police officers is screwed.

3. In The Lord of the Rings, when the Ring was finally destroyed, Sauron thought to himself, "Oh dear, it appears that I am now screwed."
By Meredithe
1. The act of having sex with a partner

2. Messing around, or being foolish

1. Luke: I was screwing Jessica until she screamed with pleasure.

2. Boss: Quit screwing around and get to work!
By Monique