Define Seeking Meaning


Many people have long-term seeks
By Melitta
essentially meaning cool to the extreme; forgetting everyone and listening to yourself

That's so seek; she wouldnt let me do the swirl thing tho, even though that looked seek; I don't give a shit im so seek it hurts; you're so seek; One who's strengh lies in the hands of the individual, not in the approval of one's peers.
By Elga
Seek is Northumbian dialect for "sick" however not to be confused with illness sick. Used as a term for being sick of doing an action or a person.

" Shane was in the loft the other day and had to swim through fibre glass to reach his hidden stash. When he came down he was absolutely seek"

" Shane was fired from his job yesterday for calling his boss a dick, he didn't really care though because he was seek of that dick"
By Shelbi

Richard" dont be asking me for shit"
Aaron" seeks bitch"
By Nicolea

"I can't wait to get home and tell you some seeks"
By Fulvia
a girl that post pics often to seek attention

tempted to post a seek but i can't go back to egirl ways
By Merci
A person with low self esteem who must put down others in order to make him or herself feel superior.

That fag was straight trynta be all seeking and shit, so i knocked his dread headed ass out.
By Bobinette
A Fagget that Plays cs.

Seek likes men and plays cs
By Xenia

In all difficult situations is seeked for behaviour that can overcome difficulty and tension.
By Lolita
Hide And Seek

He's so good at hide and seek, the US military couldn't even find him after 7 years.
By Amii