Define Seen Meaning

a term originating from Jamaica that shows understanding....that one has "seen" what you just said.

Or is just as often used as a question (instead of "know what I'm saying?" or "know what I mean?")

"Smoke this sensi and you'll get lifted--no joke, ..don't check it with no lightweight stuff --seen?"

"true, true -- yeah man --seen."
By Katey

"Yo blud where u at?
"Im at yard blud"
"Oh seen"
By Tricia
When you're on Facebook and someone chats you, but you don't want to talk to them. Except, you can't ignore them anymore because Facebook decided to tell the other person when you saw the message!

By Shannen

#1: we're gonna chill at my house after my dad dips, seen?
#2: seeeen
By Linea
it is a response you give when someone tells you something. it means i see or yeh i understand.

person A- no i only went to the park to walk my dog
person B- seen
By Jocelyn
seen = "oh i see"

pimp: "you better have my money bitch!"
skank hoe: "you know i got your money but i left it at the crack house"
pimp: "oh seen"
By Hildegarde
One of the most respected graffiti artist to this day. Was well known in the 80's for his unique styles and for going all city.

By April
A infamous New York graffiti artist that tagged up the subways. His tag would always be SEEN.

By Ester
the state or quality of being "seened" is to be under the influence of any of the following substances, including but not limited to: pot-seen, perc-seen, vic-seen, beer-seen, liquor-seen, or any other substances which can get you all seened. seen.

Hey Beej-seen whats up?

"I'm all seened"

By Erena
an excessively used term by the teens in mississauga describing something as "cool" or a shorter form of saying "understood" but in that hip, cool, and trendy gansta way.

also used as an expression (by the idiots in mississauga) of surprise and unexpectancy.

tim: "yooo check out my new tim's!"
sam: "YO! thats SEEN."


ian: "yo go play risk in my basement later, seen?"
david: "seeeeeeeeen."


*kristina spikes the ball and scores the winning point in the volleyball game against woodland*
tim: SEEEN! *jaw drops*
By Catie