Define Service Meaning

v. performing any of a multitude of sex acts

The San Diego hos were lining the docks and ready to service the sailors who were returning to shore after six months at sea.
By Laurianne

"I had service last night."
" least it's safe to shake your hand again."
By Dulcinea
To service a guy, a dude sucks another guy's dick or lets him fuck your ass until he has one or more cumgasms with no reciprocation required or expected.

Matt sometimes wants ME to service his friends!
By Melva
1. The act of showing someone up in basketball

Were you there to see dat service last night? Kid dunked on his grill!
By Idelle
a word used in the potblack kitchen wen ppl are being douchebags

kim u fukin stooooooooooooooge service....
By Melodie
you did not ask nor do u car about wat he or she is talking bout this info is useless and by looking at there face u could prob tell they did not ask nor do they care

mahn im hella hungry service!! nigga i didnt ask
omg y did billy like totally txt me 2day. service i didnt ask
this can also be shown by a snap
By Gennifer
The act of pleasuring your partner sexually with little to no reciprocation. All attention and pleasure is devoted to the person being serviced, as opposed to it being more of a give/take situation. This term is more common in the LGBT community, and is often favored by more submissive partners who enjoy pleasuring others more than receiving.

Are you into servicing? I'd love to give you a massage, go down on you, and whatever else you want.
By Erika
1.To fuck.
Originating from the horse breeding industry where "service" is a euphemism for bringing the stud to mount the mare. Same as tupping in sheep breeding.
2. To have sex with a mardy bitch to keep her happy, as in a mechanic servicing a car to keep it running smoothly.

From the 'The Talented Mr Ripley':
Dick Greenleaf (Jude Law) on a boat trip: "Marge needs a service" - winks at his mates and proceeds below deck and give his sulky bird a good seeing to.
By Valentia
No Service

Qwest wireless customer: "Damn it, I pay $40 a month for this piece of crap, and it has no service!!"
By Elinor
To have sex with a female

By Agathe