Define Sex Life Meaning

Sex Life
"Sex Life" is a term used to describe the occurances and nature of one's sexual practices. For example, if someone spends their weekends endulging in frenzies of sexual euphoria they have an 'active' sex life whereas someone who stays home doing puzzles with their grandma has a 'drab sack sex life'

Gabby: "I'm used to having a pretty active sex life"
Hank: "Me too. Let's get it on!"
By Indira
Toby's Sex Life

It doesn't exist.

Stop using the Toby's sex life card in CAH.
By Lorrin
Your Sex Life
A bottle of lube, a sock, and hentai

How is your sex life? Pretty good the hentai is good
By Neile
My Sex Life

By Shandy
Rampant Sex Life
Sex but like.... ALOT, and very aggressive.

Jared: I have gonorrhea jason...
By Aprilette
Dylans Sex Life

dylans sex life:
ryan; my sex life is like dylan
hitler: so abstinance basically?

ryan: noooo
hitler:well thats sad
By Katrinka
Theater Kid Sex Life
Some kinky ass shit. Somehow they all like to get down and dirty with each other. Notorious for extremely long, intimate relationships. Eventual get bored of sex so they resort to extreme methods to get their fix.

That theater kid sex life is nuts right? They bang on the daily and never seem to get bored until they do and when they do...
By Bettye
Anyway, How Is Your Sex Life?
A way to insult a person's appearance when meeting them for the first time

Guy: (on Reddit) Check out my cool new sweater
Guy 2: That's cool. Anyway, how is your sex life?
By Arabella
Ryders Sex Life
Non existent will never exist will forever be a virgin

Wow ryders sex life sucks
By Teddi
Athletic Sex Life
What a track athlete and cheerleader would have, which is weird to imagine.

Track athlete-Cheer me on while I jump you baby.

Cheerleader- I hate it when you jump me, I'm not a hurdle. Gooooooo, fuck yourself tonight, I'm not in the mood, woooooooo!

Track athlete- I thought I was gonna get a trophy or a ring for my athletic sex life.
By Estrellita