Define Seyi Meaning

A young boy, who is cooler than cool and faster than fast. He pwns at soccer. He is smart and goes to a small school. Everyone likes seyi. His name is actually longer but he goes by seyi.

Wow, seyi is killing at soccer, but everyone still thinks hes amazing.
By Addie
The name Seyi means done this. It is gotten from the language Yoruba. Usually the name begins with Oluwa, Ade, Ola or Olu. Seyi is independent, smart, confident, fun to be with and values friendship
Seyi's are cool, very cool. I met a Seyi once and she was beautiful, sexy and damn intelligent. We got talking but she stated she was taken.

I once tried to get with a Seyi but she told me she had a boyfriend
Be more like Seyi
Why are you so hot Seyi
By Evie
Normally a really hot youthful, down to earth girl. Lowkey a freak but you’d never know judging by her sweet face and great bod.

“Look at Seyi over there”

“If only you could get her!”
By Corina

Seyi doesn't think he is handsome but has a good personality. Seyi doesn't like when people lie to him, he has a lot of friend but is not good with love. He longs for a close companion. Seyi is kind and sweet and is friendly.

Girl: is that Seyi

Boy: yeah he is actually quite a nice guy you know
Girl: hmmm, really?
Boy: you don't have to believe me but if you don't then know your missing out.
By Marje
It is an Arabic word meaning similar to English Mr, man, sir or gentleman. For example it was used to describe one of the Spanish warriors that threw the Moors out of Spain (El-Cid). El-Cid means "the man" or similar.

It is used in Shia Islam for descendants of prophet Muhammad no matter if they are males or females.

Was your father or mother a Seyyed?
By Martynne
Seyi is a very handsome man who is caring and aggressive. The name is from the language Yoruba. He will always protect the ones he loves and cares for. He gets annoyed easily. Seyi has a great smile and a great personality

By Pamella