Define Shake Meaning

The cruddy end bits of a large bag of weed.

"I bought a pound and got a whole ounce of shake as personal smoke."
By Antonetta
weed crumbs. some dealers try to sell it by calling it "pre-grinded", but don't fall for that bullshit. buying shake is like buying a bag of dorrito crumbs. wouldn't you prefer regular dorritos?

shake sucks because it's usually dry and flakey. buy healthy nugs.
By Fidela
The small bits of bud that settle to the bottom of your broken-up stash; it should not be confused with keef. Also can refer to buds that have been very finely ground.
Shake is very good for rolling joints and blunts, because it burns very evenly, slowly, and consistently if you roll it well.

Hey, can you spare me some of that shake? I want to roll a jay.
By Debor
The loose marijuana in the bottom of any bag you might buy. It's mostly stems and seeds.

"It was mostly shake, but it still got me really high."

"Damn, I got ripped off. I bought a quarter and it was mostly shake!"
By Paulita

Aint no thing to me we can shake real quick and settle it right now.
By Editha
To perform a crossover dribble in basketball such that the defender loses his balance.

DeShawn: Ayo loc im bouts to shake yo white ass cuss.
By Meriel
The shitty schwag in ur weed

Dude all i got is shake left
By Kerrie
Shit the cops always say they found on the floor of your car.

Cop: "Anything you want to tell me about?"
Me: "No, why?"
Cop: "We found some shake on your passenger side floor."
Me: "What the fuck is shake?"
By Calli

By Brittaney
The shitty part of weed.

"If you would have told me it was shake i would have never smoked it."
By Milena