Define She Does Meaning

She Does
Confirmation by Captain, that she does Porn.

Guy 1- Damn! She hot. Does she?
Guy 2- Yeah, she does!
By Johanna
She Does Everything
A sexual reference about a female that participates in sex utilising every oriface on her body.

You fucked her!? What was it like??
Mate...."she does everything".
By Janelle
She Does Everything
Australian slang for a female that performs most or all kinds of sexual acts.

By Lisette
“does She Listen To Girl In Red?”
A popular phrase used mainly on Tiktok to identify if a girl is a lesbian (or just likes other girls). Girl in red is a popular lesbian singer, so her audience is mainly queer women.

-“Did you see the new tiktok she uploaded? She is SOOO pretty! Should i hit her up?”
- “Does she listen to girl in red?”
By Rhianna
Does She Got Da Booty

joe: wanna go out with my friend linda on friday? me: i dunno does she got da booty?
By Reggi
Does She Keep You Warm
A way of calling someone gay by referencing Macklemore's song Same Love

Guy 1 - I'm so happy Macklemore won all the rap Grammys over Kendrick lamar.

Guy 2 - does she keep you warm?
By Lorrayne
Who Does She Think She Is The Queen Of Sheeba

By Lianne
Does She?
Does she do porn? Typically used at girls, regardless of age. Discret way of asking if the girl does porn.

Jeremy: "Damn she fine", Joe: "Does she?", Jeremy: "Yeah (link)", Joe: "Thanks buddy -clicks link".
By Isis
Why Does She Not Love Me
it will be ok man

Why Does she not love me

cause your ugly man
By Ilsa
Why Does She Want To Know My Height
She might be wondering what you ‘D’ size is and wants to find out, but is too shy to asks.

Her-“Hey Cameron, how tall are you?”

Him-“Oh Im 5’9”
Him in mind-(Why does she want to know my height?)
By Kissie