Define Sheepish Meaning

1. Passive toward aggression.

2. Naive.

3. An intimidated or embarrassed facial expression.

By Allyn
Someone who is scared to speak to people and goes into a Corner by himself.

It also is a funny Java Game.

By Maribel
To rely on the thoughts and actions of others in order to form thoughts of one’s own.

It was very sheepish to not stand up for him because no one else was.
By Marlena

Most of Tokoroa is a tad Sheepish
By Gisela
Sheepish Smile
A little smile you make when you're embarrassed, usually by awkward situations or when you do something "stupid".

You're alone with a cute stranger in an elevator and there is an awkward silence and you make a sheepish smile.
By Trixy
I.R. Sheepish
in no way affilated with being niave or aggressive,instead more so passive to anything.

I.R. Sheepish to what you say. In other words: "i don't give a fuck!"
By Marj

A few members of the canine family, from domesticated members of it to wolves would pretend to protect as many sheep as they could by trying to look sheepish themselves. It was a deception that usually worked on the masses.
By Abigael