Define Shelves Meaning

A womans breasts, shelves bieng plural for both

So I get there, she's aged 19, Ferrari chassis, fantastic set of shelves, and legs up to her arse. Muchos tequilas later, I'm in a cab with her
By Melli
o please just someone i can be weak with without being called a loser!

because people are not gods or sit on superior shelves.
By Colline
Inserting a foreign item into the rectum.
Usually in regards to recreational drugs.
A discreet and effective way of taking them.

"I haven't got much left, so I guess I'll shelve the rest"

"When it comes to taking drugs it's all about shelving"

"He passed out early so we shelved him a gurner to get him keen again."

"Urrrrgh, I definitly shelved too much MXE last night"
By Amara
alternate way of taking drugs by inserting them into the anus

hey ben, i'm going to swallow one pill and shelf the other one
By Tommie
To insert into one's rectum, normally in respect to illicit substances.

Hey mang, I just shelved that pill and my ring is itchy.
By Flor
Inserting an object, either a drug or otherwise into ones rectum for a desired effect.

Shelving is generally done with pills for its high absorption rate, but causes serve anal irritation and can lead to further problems such as shitting bricks if a hallucinogen is taken.

Oi Kev, go shelve a cat would ya.

Mate, I just shelved some acid, I feel like a elephant cock is stuck up there.
By Bonni
To insert an object into the anus!

I shelved a cucumber into my butt and loved it
By Shelia
To discontinue all further communications with a person.

I cant beleive Hamish just did that.

By Lindi
The moment when you've been without sexual contact for such a period of time that even simple, normally unsexual acts can result in an unwanted ejaculation.

Steve: Bad night man, i've been shelved for 2 months and jizzed my pants while watching dancing with the stars..
By Gilda
...Well not the quickest way (snorting is), but it is the most effective and efficient...80% absorbtion rate...if your into that shit.

"My ass was burning for 20 minutes after i shelved that bikkie."
By Daisi