Define Shining Meaning

A drug induced trip; A glorious intoxication to the point of questioning one's own existence.

See also: trip - out

"Wow, the colors have sounds. I must be shining..."
By Stella
An angel and his four precious brother

SHINee is a group that consists of an angel and his four precious brothers
By Annetta
A popular South Korean contemporary boy group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. Their fandom is called SHINee World and their fans are called Shawols.

Onew, real name Lee Jinki, is the leader with a gentle voice and is very funny. He loves chicken and can mimic Donald Duck very well. He can spin anything and can crack a walnut with his middle finger. His nickname is Dubu.

Jonghyun is the powerful leader singer known for his sexy image. He is often compared to a puppy for his cuteness. He doesn't like playing sports but he's good at it. His nicknames are Bling Bling Jonghyun and Jjong.

Key, Kim Kibum, is known for being almighty, excels in dancing, singing, rapping, etc. He is the king of girl group dances, one of the most fashionable idols and is the "mother" of the youngest member Taemin. His nicknames are the Almighty Key and Keymera.

Minho is the rapper of the group and is famous for his incredible athletic skills. He is very competitive and doesn't want to lose in anything. He is very quiet and calm in front of the camera but in reality he's very outgoing. His nickname is Flaming Charisma Minho.

Taemin is youngest member of the group and is known for his amazing dancing skills and cute face. He debuted when he was 14 and captured the hearts of older women immediately with his irresistible cuteness. His nickname is Maknae Taemin.

SHINee's hit songs include Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Hello. Popular OTPs in SHINee include JongKey and 2min.

SHINee is the best K-pop band!
I love SHINee!
SHINee is fantasic!
By Dorotea
SHINee is a Korean boy band that debuted on May 25, 2008. This band has five members, Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key.

I'm totally in love with SHINee!
By Mala
A Korean boyband. Many people thought that it is pronounced as "sheen-ee" instead of "shy-nee".

Friend: Is that SHEENee?
You: It's SHINee, not SHEENee.
By Kalie
A Korean boy band consisting of five members.
They are all cute.
They sing cute songs that suggest that they like older women, though this is merely implied because singing "You're So Pretty, Older Woman" doesn't necessarily mean they really like older women, though they do give hope to middle-aged fangirls.

Oh my gosh it's SHINee! They're my ultimate bias, Taeminnie is so cute with Minho, 2Min is REAL!! And so is Jongkey! Key is such a diva!
By Delila
To smile or to be filled with excitement and joy

Basically to smile as wide as you can .... / Haha I’m “Shining.” :D
By Dacie
Shined On
To be deliberately ignored. Actually, worse than being ignored. Your presence not even being acknowledged. Someone talking to others around you, and passing you up like your invisible. Seeing you at a store or on the street and passing you by without saying hello.

Me: Hey Joe! What's up.

Joe: What's up! Steven is here with me!
Me: Who? (totally ignoring Steven.)
Steven: Hey, Joe... That fool totally just Shined on!
By Katalin
Shine It On
From back in the '70s, meaning to "forget it" or "never mind"

"You wanna go out with me?"
"Well, I'm kinda busy..."
"Okay, shine it on."
By Rubie
When a person possesses psychic abilities, telepathy, pre-cognition, etc. A person able to communicate with the other side; the dead

Damn, that girl's got theshining.
By Danette