Define Shitheads Meaning


Shitheads are brown haired or dark haired caucasians who have shit for hair
theyd be better off dying there hair blonde red orange blue green or even purple
they think their good even though they dont notice their hair is the same colour as their excrement

"The world is full of shitheads"
"thats alot of shit"
By Katharina
A bunch of wannabe counter-stike losers. Often reffered to as noobs.

The |RAMBO| counter-strike clan. As reffered to by Dave, are a bunch of shitheads!
By Jordana
A person that has no consideration for another persons feelings because he/she was born with shit in their head instead of brains

One who is a compulsive liar, every time they open their mouth only shit pours out. Often politely referred to as a bullshit artist

Sid you shithead, you got your mates wife pregnant and continued to bang her while rejecting, lying, and trying to deceive your own family for another eight years. Did you really think they had shit for brains too?
By Willie
a person whose brain is made of shits

mr K-Y is a shithead, he tried to accuse his co-worker of using subtle moves and also compared his co-worker to a sinister and bitesome cobra, but they are all nothing but fucking lies.
By Maria
Someone who is really pissing you the fuck off so you call them something like "shithead" because that is what they are being.

My ex boyfriend is being a fucking shithead
By Veradis
A complete dumbass; a genuine moron. Someone who has committed an act in which causes harm or temporary discomfort to another.

Do not speak to that shithead over there.

Max is a total shithead.

Frank you shithead, I could have been killed!
By Quentin

A perpetually drunk, never-nude, terminally ill woman who is allergic to her tongue and has many abilities and unique attributes. Among her skills are:

-Counting to six
-Seeing God
-Never being hungry
-Doing a Black Flip
-Providing abortions
-Burning down a hospital
-Guaranteeing protection
-Jumping across the street
-Sleeping in a chair
-Singing in the choir
-Immunity to AIDS
-Peeing with the lights off
-Finding you

She always comes first, and she is definitely not Asian. Also, Bono is her brother.

I'm Shithead and my body's a magnet.
By Conchita
A term for someone who committed a very stupid act or for someone who is just always an idiot. Someone who is so stupid, you question if their brains are made of shit.

1. Only a true shithead would light himself on fire while naked looking for publicity on YouTube.
2. He gone and blew his lips off sucking them through that soda bottle... what a shithead!!
By Adrea
1. (noun) an asshole that is stupid
2. (noun) Justin Beiber
3. (noun) one's head after it is defecated upon

Bill: Did you see that prepubescent faggot Beiber singing love songs and dancing around like a wind-up monkey?

Joe: Oh yeah, that butt-plug. He's a shithead. And it literally looks like he has a shithead.

Bill: I am pretty certain that he did probably pull his head out of some guy's asshole.
By Ardene
N; Proper name; Pronounced "Sha-theed" or "Shi-theed".

The lady filling out the birth certificate said, "For the third time, ma'am, you cannot name your daughter Shithead, no matter how you pronounce it."
By Merrill