Define Shop Meaning

1. What a drug dealer metaphorically open's up every morning when he get's his first phone call.

2. The place the police take you when they close down YOUR 'shop'.

1. Dealers Friend: "You should 'shut up shop' for a few days and come snowboarding with me."
Dealer: "Sorry man, bizznaz is bizznaz. Can't leave my client's hanging."
Dealers Friend: "Just get someone to take over the 'shop' for you."
Dealer: "Man my 'shop' is too hard an operation for anyone else to handle."

2. "Man I got taken down to the 'cop shop' for questioning. They're onto me.
By Kathleen
To alter a picture with PhotoSHOP or Paint SHOP Pro, normally in a ridiculous way and adding Internet characters and a catchy line.

Hey, take this pic and shop it into cockmongler.

This picture has been clearly shopped.
By Jeannie
Informal slang verb for reporting someone to the police.

If he doesn't stop harassing me, I'm gonna shop him.
By Marleen
verb. Slang for Photoshopping. To produce a forged image that appears to be a real photograph by using Photoshop or similar image-editing software. Typically used to refer to the creation of a "celebrity fake", where a celebrity's picture is modified to appear naked and/or engaging in sexual/embarrasing behavior.

"Did you see that picture of Paris Hilton eating a banana? Somebody should shop that!"

"Sarah Palin got shopped - they put her head on a rifle-shooting bikini babe."
By Wendie

he totally went shop on him
By Bernetta
To resell the products of a legitimately obtained prescription medication

Yeah, he got some 5/500 percs after he got his wisdom teeth out but he never needed them so he's shopping them.
By Shawnee
Slang word for weed. Comes from the shopping carts used to get to Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter.

Victoria: Do you have shop?

Ayana: Yea I was just about to go shopping
By Norrie
Black and white patrol car. Cops carry all their gear in the cars so they're one stop shops

The shop rolled around the corner and stopped in front of Turnbull's Market. The two unis climbed out, hands on their batons. There was trouble in the air.
By Mireielle
To "borrow" permanently from a sibling. Derived from the appearance of a sibling strolling through your closet or CD/DVD collection, looking at all the merchandise, placing selected items into their virtual shopping cart, saying "hey, can I borrow this shirt, your Abbey Road CD, and The Matrix?", and never returning any of the items, causing you to eventually steal back all your stuff next Thanksgiving.

"Hey hon, let's watch The Matrix tonight."

"We can't."


"Because my brother shopped for it about six months ago."
By Cordula
a really easy class in which the teacher doesn't notice anything so you can do your homework and cheat on tests with out being bothered

pat! close up shop the headmaster is coming!
By Mariana