Define Shot Meaning

A small amount of an alcoholic beverege typically above 80 proof. Served in a small glass known as a tumbler. Variety of mixed shots; whisky is the most common straight shot in America.

By Sharyl
Definition 1:
When someone is so messed up or burnt out that they can no longer funtion normally.
Definition 2:
When something is old or breaks and no longer functions correctly.

Example 1:
guy #1: Dude, you're SHOT!
guy #2: Yeah I am. I've been smooling all day and finished an ounce.
Example 2:
"Chuck that, it's shot."
By Dulcine

Gotta blow yo shot!
By Lucita
when a human is clueless 25 hours of the day, does nothing productive, and is wasting good air

Nicholas Joseph sat on his ass all day, that kids shot.
By Saudra
South African word:
1) A reaction; an agreement or confirmation of something
2) An expression of thanks or appreciation

A bit like 'safe' in the UK

1)Philemon: Do you want a beer, bru?
John: Shot, man.

2)Mike: Pass me a beer please, bro... Shot!
By Jermaine
a needleful of drugs, when you prepare a fix its called a shot

I did a huge dope shot and got pins and needles
By Kaylyn
adj. - used to describe something that is not in good shape or is out of commission

"Hey man, why haven't I seen you online in a while?"
"Yo, my computer is straight shot."
"Oh yeah? What happened?"
"Man, that damn Blaster Worm virus got me the other day...."
"Whoa, that's some sauce."
By Winona
a verb meaning "to sell drugs"

i used ta shot but stopped when boydem clocked me.
By Kaylee
Used when something good happens.

Probably a shortened form of 'Great shot!' (sport)

Shot bro! (Thanks!)

SHOT! (Awesome! Brilliant!)
By Lynett
1. One who has unattractive physical attributes
2. Someone that is very visually disturbing, and people avoid to look in this person's direction

1. That girl is shot.
2. The boy with the pimples and the huge nose is sooo shot.
By Ronnie