Define Shotgun Wedding Meaning

Shotgun Wedding
where one or both parties are forced into marriage due to an unplaned pregnancy

looks like its a shotgun wedding for those two
By Phaedra
Shotgun Wedding

Billy Joe knocked up Daisy Sue and so now they're gonna have a shotgun wedding.
By Stella
Shotgun Wedding
A wedding that is forced into existence because of pregnancy.

A shotgun wedding: Chad Michael Murray and his new screwtoy, 18-year old Kenzie Dalton.
By Bunny
Shotgun Wedding
A marriage that is forced upon a couple usually by the parents of the bride due to either an unplanned pregnancy or pre-marital relations.

Sarah Palin publicly announced her daughter's shotgun wedding in September 2008.
By Rica
Shotgun Wedding
Where the parents of one or both people of a couple force them to marry due to pregnancy of the female part of the couple.

I was forced to have a shotgun wedding with your mom
By Allsun
Shotgun Wedding
(Idiom) where extenuating circumstances mean that for either honour or pressure from a family.

The source of this is a wedding where a man was forced to marry a woman he impregnated. Her father held a shotgun to him at all times.
By Kayle
Shotgun Wedding
see stain on my shirt

-One thing to complain about

"Someone came saying I'm insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt"
By Yettie
Shotgun Wedding

we headed to vegas on the spur of the moment for a shotgun wedding
By Celesta
Shotgun Wedding
a redneck wedding in which at least 1 of3 males attending carries a shotgun to the wedding or some other firearm. Often results in drunken misfires killing guests. Usually held at trailer parks or farms. Often more than one person there is missing a limb from farming accidents, and almost none have all their teef.

Redneck 1:Little Billy Ray Joe Bob Jr. and Amanda Mae Sally Sue are having a shotgun wedding at his mamas trailer lot, hope none of tha guests git shot!

Redneck 2: yep. we betta bring our whiskey and huntin rifles...

By Patti
Shotgun Wedding
A term for a forced marriage after an unexpected pregnancy.

Originating from when the father of the pregnant girl would force the baby's daddy to marry his daughter at gunpoint. This gun was most likely a shotgun as many fathers in the United States were hunters.

Bill knocked up Suzie and now they're having a shotgun wedding
By Fedora