Define Shut The Fuck Up Meaning

Shut The Fuck Up
what you say when you're losing an argument or stuck talking to an idiot you dont want to waste your time talking to

asshole: blah blah blah
you: shut the fuck up
By Caye
Shut The Fuck Up
Communicates that violence will follow if you do not stop speaking immediately.

I don't understand why I can't talk about anal sex in front of your mother. Bitch, shut the fuck up.
By Ronda
Shut The Fuck Up
A valid way to tell someone to be quiet.
Abbreviated as STFU.
A term/phrase that Drew (dsl) uses quite frequently

Can be served in a cool glass, a frothy mug, or a piping hot cup, when in its liquid state. Can be served as a meal. Use creatively.

Some fuckhead: HEY GUYS I R TEH SHIT!
dsl: Hey shut the fuck up.

dsl: Have a nice piping hot cup of shut the fuck up.

dsl: *ding* I think the microwave has just finished cooking that plate of shut the fuck up you needed.
By Lenee
Shut The Fuck Up
A way of getting someone to cease to vocalise.

"Why don't you go into the kitchen,and open the fridge. Look in the back, all the way back. There's a can of soda, cold chillin'. I want you to reach back there and take it. Open it up and take a nice long drink. MMM, was good, wasn't it? Now i want you to look at the can and make sure its a twelve ounce can, of Shut The Fuck Up.
By Othelia
Shut The Fuck Up
the average-basic fifth grader "shut up", turns into a upgraded version normally to do with someone being very annoying or talking shit.

HAHAH you suck at c.o.d!
shut the fuck up before i take a shit on your face
By Indira
Shut The Fuck Up
to tell someone to be quiet in a rude why by adding the word "fuck"


By Lucille
Shut The Fuck Up
if you do not know what "shut the fuck up" means
it means, SHUT THE FUCK UP

By Bibby
Shut The Fuck Up
phrase used to express shock or disbelief at something someone has said; similar to "get outta here" or "you're kidding me"

"Alex got a job making a hundred thousand dollars a year."

"Shut the fuck up! No way!"
By Elmira
Shut The Fuck Up
the words that is told to a person who talks about the stupidest shit...

By Timothea
Shut The Fuck Up
shut the fuck up...please

shut the fuck up...please...i did say please! Please Shut the Fuck UP! Goddamit...SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING CUNT!
By Ulrika