Define Sick Meaning

used by 'chavs' to state that somethings is good

Chav: Ooooo- dat new tune from Timbaland is sick man innit- brrrap!
Law-abiding citizen: Errr, yes.
By Andi
1)crazy, cool, insane
2)what one is on a test day

1)man, that trick was sick yo
2)i played sick on my big bio test day
By Timmi

thats sick man
By Emeline
A term used by heroin addicts to discribe the physcial withdrawls the body endures while not using heroin. Heroin withdrawls makes the user sick for around 9 days. The user feels what is similar to a very bad flu which includes extreme body pain, fever, vomiting etc

"i need my junk fix, im sick, man."
By Kamillah
To be really upset over something out of your control. Being currently used as slang in hood areas.

"I took my girl to a fancy restaurant last night as I went to take care of the check I realized I had left my wallet in my other jeans. I was SICK!"
By Cindelyn
1) Ill
2) Feeling nauseous/vomiting
3) Cool
4) Gross, Weird, Creepy.

1) Ugh, I don't know if I can go. I think I'm sick.
2) Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick!
3) Bro, that's totally sick!
4) Dude, the fuck is wrong with you? Are you sick?
By Antoinette
An adjective similar to cool referring to something that is either great or completely wrong.

1. Your awesome new skateboard is sick!
2. What you said to her was just plain sick.
By Rianon

That rave was sick.
By Rhody
something a lot of people are using to describe something in a positive manner.

person 1: OMG Jack is sick
Me: Why, what's wrong with him?
person 1: *gives strange look*
By Marysa
adjective; used to indicate extremes of good, bad, or crazy.

1. Insane. “He tried spinning on his head down the mountain? That’s sick.”
2. Awful. “I have a sick amount of homework, and I’m still procrastinating.”
3. Incredible; amazing. “He’s got a sick Benz, yo.”
By Carin