Define Sit Back Meaning

Sit Back
Shut up, leave me alone, or you are too wrong see fall back

when someone is sayin somethin off-the-wall

Sit back!!!!!!
By Ginnifer
Sit Back And Eat Some Popcorn
This refers to watching someone else's arguments or difficulties for amusement.

my boss has no idea what the hell he is talking about, i am going to sit back and eat some popcorn.
By Casi
Sit Back And Nom Nom Nom
Commentary generally given from a restaurant table adjacent to a table with one or more fatties regarding their eating habits. Hilarity generally ensues.

Carly: (Under her breath) Watch this guys, those whales over there are about to sit back and nom nom nom

Fatty: (Sits back) Nom nom nom
By Dotty
Sit Your Neck Back
It's the 2020 version of Check yourself before you reck yourself

"Bro if you don't sit your neck back I will sit it back for you."
By Codee