Define Sit Down Meaning

Sit Down
Admit defeat

"Sit down, boy, you just got schooled."
By Gayle
Sit Down
A term coined among the black community to tell some one to calm the fuck down. It's usually used when some one is "actin a fool", "trippin", or they "don lost they mind". Generally used among the older generation, It's a term the younger generation can not help but use as they mature into adulthood.

Tyra Banks is starting ANOTHER cycle of ANTM and doing her talk show. She says she wants to be the next Oprah.

Tyra needa sit down.
By Maddi
Sit Down
to have a meeting with members of the la cosa nostra including your sponcer( if your not "made" the member who vouched for you if are a "made"man then it would be with your boss"capo")to resolve an issue amongest other family members or other families.

tony has a problem with vinny. both are made men and tony wants to kill vinny. inorder for tony to do so he must first have a sit down and get an okay even if tony is right in matter he still needs the go a head or else he'll be the one geting wacked.
By Heath
Sit Down

Friend one: โ€œIโ€™m so hot. I could fuck any girl in this bar.
Friend two: โ€œThe fuck, Sit down. You ugly as hell.
By Kiley
Sit Down

By Lula
Sit Down
When someone is doing something stupid or funny as hell. When someone is doing something annnoying as hell and getting on ya nerves.

I need for you to sit down and quit talking all that smack.
By Correy
A extended period of time when you smoke mad bud and get mad blazed.

Me and my bro had a 5 gram sit-down and we were tripping balls!
yo we going to have a 10 gram sit-down before we eat that 20 foot pizza,because we will have crazy munchies!!
By Charmaine
Sit Down
A B.M.; a Number 2; to deficate. When a male says "I gotta sit down...!" it means he has to take a sh*t.

Danny: I'll be back in 10 mins - I gotta sit down.
By Anastasie
Sit Down Air
When you sit down in a chair but due to your mass the air not only dispalces but the gravity causes it to wrap around your thighs that as you sit down it creates a draft upwards. This brings the odors along with it so if you have an unwashed ass, grundel, or bad ball stank caused by fumunda you will have to smell yourself briefly. Those close by or passing will also be in danger from being within smell distance as this will have created a temporary forcefield of odor surrounding oneself.

Hey Eric why did Ted make that face? I guess he got hit with his own sit down air Joseph. From the looks of it you know it's rough.
By Beatrisa
This phrase is a catchall solutary closing for any message. It can follow anything from an official CEO letter to a quick internet jibe.

It makes it so that you are definitive in your wording, and any detractors risk looking stupid to disagree with you.

You have no idea what you are talking about. George W. Bush is the worst president we've ever had.

By Michele