Define Slightly Meaning

When u get dat ween Hidden just enough for no one to notice it

"yo how u do ur ween?"

By Kristan
Slightly Stoopid
The second best Southern Cali Ska band after Sublime!!!!!!!

Slightly Stoopid kicks nalgas, Ese Loco!
By Gale
Slightly Stoopid
The best band in Southern Cali before Sublime. And it's not ska...more of a blend of raggae, punk, rock, and hip hop.

Actually instead of best band in Southern Cali...make that best band period.

Straight out of San Diego smokin' that sensi herb

We can make the world go round
Im singin we could make this world go round
Slightly Stoopid in your area
You know we never scarier
By Arabela
Slightly Insane
A graphics forum which has been plagued with immature kids and crappy administrators. The talented artists' artwork are drowned out by spam of horrible looking "signatures."

Many people have been banned from the forum for many stupid reasons. These reasons include: talking back at admins, posting something that it logical, and being yourself.

SI is closely affiliated to Exdat (Extreme Data).

At Slightly Insane, I'll post a random signature that everyone will praise on SI even though I worked on it for five minutes.
By Erminie
Slightly Straight
When someone is only attracted to transgender people born the same gender as them, but are now the opposite gender.

Girl 1: Hey! Can we go out?
Bob: Are you transgender?
Girl1: No. Why would you ask?
Bob: Oh, I'm Slightly Straight and I'm only attracted to trans women.
By Lauraine
Slightly Savage
A guy who is just the best at everything, and always says savage stuff, but is only slightly savage to his friends.

By Deb
Slightly Gay
Slightly gay. Adjective.

When a person who is completely straight also have a minor attraction for the same gender.

If you are slightly gay as a man, you will not take it from a partner, but you will always give to a partner.

If you're slightly gay as a woman, it has the same premise as a man. You will not come close to another female's genitals.

person A: why does that guy always hang out with other guys, is he gay?
person B: no, he's only slightly gay
By Selinda
Slightly Addicted
Entirely addicted.

John bought a few g's of coke then tried to trade his empty wallet for even more...

Good thing he's only "slightly addicted", right?
By Raf
Slightly Reheated In The Microwave
When an insult is very weak.

Jimmy: You look like a fake person!
Paul: Bruh, that was slightly reheated in the microwave!
By Ericha
Hanging Slightly To The Left
When your Genitalia, mainly males, is hanging to the left.

So, hows it hanging today Ramone? Hanging slightly to the left, John-O.
By Benni