Define Slur Meaning

a slur is a word that is used against someone of a specific race, condition, sexuality, gender, illness etc. slurs can be reclaimed and used by the person they were used against, for example someone who is black can reclaim the n word, someone who is gay can reclaim the f slur.

‘bro did you hear that lil huddy said a slur?’
‘no, which one did he say?’
‘he said the n word, he’s a horrible person
‘oh my god he’s terrible’
By Nanice
1) to speak incoherntly esp. while intoxicated or due to a speaking disabilty like a lisp
2)To slander /to be slack tongued/an aspersion or disparaging remark
3)To say something that is ridiculous , inarticulate or purely obtuse

1)waassupppppp mannnn , howwwzzz youuu ....
2)i waz goingz therez
3)Stop using derisory racist slurs
4)yaooo maan u dawgy dog.(??wth is that)
By Jonie
A name for a very intoxicated individual, prone to mis-speaking his words. Often hard to understand.

Damn I was with slur at the bar last night, i couldn't understand what the fuck he was saying!
By Ronnica
to slur your words, drag words out for longer than they should be, i.e when your pissed or your american

heeeyyy maaaa wheres ma rifle?
By Pauli
"to pronounce (a syllable, word, etc.) incorrectly by combining, reducing, or omitting sounds, as in hurried or careless utterance."

basically, you're drunk as fuck and you mess up your speech, playa.

me: i can't get too drunk, i'm cathy-lock...i'll go to hell!!
michelle: take the brandy away from her, she's slurring.

incorrect: cathy-lock
correct: Catholic
By Kristy
when one has had a case of vodka ones speach is far from perfect, we say it is slurred

gish ush anover bottle of vod..vod...vod...stuff
By Oralle
when you're more then tipsy, but not quite drunk.

i'm only slurred, pass me another beer!
By Lucina
1) An adjective describing something of substandard quality.

2) A word used to convey dissatisfaction.

commonly used in the West of Ireland in the 1980s and early 1990's.

1) Your runners from Pennys are slur!

2) Enthusiastic Teacher:"Today we will be studying Hitler's Rise to Power"

Disinterested Student "Slur"
By Cindy
St. Lawrence University Republicans. Refers to any racist, fascist student organization, or the members of such an organization. Members of these organizations are typically rich white fucks whose goal in life is to be greedy and kill babies. Often, as is the case at SLU, the majority of Slurs are in bed with the administration.

WARNING: The fascist, Bush-loving, Dolly Dolphin-toting SLURS have teamed up with the money-hungry, power-tripping administration to destroy our once wonderful university! Quick, to the Blimh Lab to start a Blog!
By Teri
A person that's lame. Also someone that's really ashy.

Stephanie is such a slur, one day she'll be like Eduardo.

Justin is such a slur, he s totally copying Rebecca.
By Carolyn