Define Smashing Meaning

Extraordinarily impressive or fine; wonderful

a smashing success
a smashing girl
By Mella
this is when you and a woman/man have sex

so matt, did you smash with alex this weekend?
By Alika
An english phrase used to describe something "excellent" or "awesome"

Englishman: That is smashing!
Woman: haha! cute word! what does it mean?
Englishman: Smashing...
Woman: I still dont get it...
Englishman: It means...smashing
By Maegan
A. to express something as phenomenal
B. the action of getting it on; used as having sex

I'll call you back in smashing this girl right now, late
By Grata
a great word, meaning erm, well, great.

it is imperative we all start using it again, and become characters from an enid blyton book.

mary- oh gee whizz, that was smashing! a simply tip top day
By Chloris
When you guy going hella fast or be out on those chargers(police). Mostly used in the bay area.

That one white 5.0 in East Palo Alto was smashing on the pigs yesterday.
By Penelope
a word that austin powers uses in place of great.

Austin: That booty is simply smashing Foxxy
Foxxy: oh yes austin, i know
By Sonja
Smash And Smash
Similar to Netflix and chill, Smash and smash is the act of having someone over and playing Super Smash Bros and then following that with one or more sexual acts.

Bro1: Hey I heard you and Abby Netflix and chilled last night?
Bro2: Nah man, we Smash and smashed.
By Diannne
A show of affection.Given by touch or implied by speaking the word.

I looked at my girl and said SMASHINGS...because I want to grab her and break her apart cuz I love her so much.
By Dode
Smash It

Dude! Don't sweat your exam,I 'm sure you'll smash it.
By Jolene