Define Smf Meaning


Sarah: I just drank ten Snapple teas!!!!
Leah: you smf!!!!!!!!

*Vulcan sign*
By Antonietta

Did you just fuck that bitch with blue waffles? SMF!
By Kimmi
"shaking my fist"

an acronym to let someone know that you are shaking your fist in joking anger. This can be thought of as going along with the phrase "why, I oughta...."

give me back my damn ps3, you've "borrowed" it for 5 months. smf
By Flor
Smell my finger . . . an acceptable form of proof that you got some action.

My boy E rolled into the hotel room looking ragged as hell at about 7a.m. and woke us all up yelling smell my finger (smf)!
By Annadiane

Crap. I forgot to bring my books. Smf!
By Letisha
Acronym for stupid mother fucker, often used in conjunction with l33tsp34|

My roomate just walked in and puked on his bed. What a smf.

You locked yourself out of your car! SMF!!!111one111
By Katha
"shake my fist." an expression of anger, outrage, and/or frustration, whether it be comical or serious.

"that mfer cut me off in traffic! smf!"


"stay off my lawn you no good whippersnappers! smf!"


"i hate you. smf."
By Lauraine
Means: "sniff my fart".
A way to insult people to get your fart sniffed.

I hate you maZtah!
By Pietra

"Dude, when I look a that car, I get a smf"
"Whats that?"
"Super mind fuck}, not like your ordinary mind fuck"
By Sharai

My girl friend knew that I was in a bad need of one so she gave me an smf
By Bidget