Define Snail Meaning

Smart and social animal. They like to eat jellyfish and dinosaurs. Snails live in big houses with gardens. Sometimes their house is set near a waterpool but as it is quite dangerous, not many settle there. One day the snails will rule the world, but not tomorrow because tomorrow is moving day. French also like to eat snails.

Oh look at that enormous snail! He is so superior and impressive! I'm going to buy him some dinosaur nuggets.
By Maye
umm...a mullesk with a shell that slides very slowly?

really, that's really what aa snail is! not what these other people told you
By Marta
A turbocharger, named so because of its similarity in appearance to a snail's circular shell.

that snail is laggy piece of shit
By Jenna
(from snail mail)

(v.) to send (a letter, card, or package) via physical mail; to mail or post (a tangible object) using a postal service. Bills and junk mail are perhaps the most common items snailed, but people snail personal letters and items as well.

I snailed my aunt a CD of Richard Clayderman, her favorite pianist.
By Karilynn
When you take your penis, wrap it around your testicles, and then draw the tip out to the side, thus creating the snail's body with your penis and the shell is represented by the testicles.

Only looks good if you have an Elephant Trunk.

"Dude, Anthony... show us the snail, man!"
By Querida
To take ones scrotum and slide it along a girls body, usually her face, leaving a trail of sweat.

I wnt to snail my girl, but last time i tried, she said, "I'm not really comfortable with this,". So i put my balls in her mouth to shut her up!
By Feodora
a guy who can mount and slo-fuck a woman vaginally, without cumming himself, forever

That snail can get it on and hump her forever without cumming 'til dawn.
By Lorri
something that is not just cool, but increadably cool.

Man this flash class is so snail.

I know this definition is also snail.
By Joyan
v. (used for women) to be so sexually stimulated by the thought/sight/scent of a potential sexual partner that the loins become moist enough to leave a trail similar to that of a snail on the chair

She was snailing for the hockey player in her class; she damn near slipped off her seat.
By Tammie
stupid faggot two-shit wanna-be who can't catch a four banger nissan with a v8 ford.

snail gunna die.
By Idaline