Define So Hot Meaning

So Hot
when something becomes really popular and/or cool.

Skateboarding is so hot right now.
Ryan Cruze? So hot right now.
By Kevina
So Hot
when someone is odd or does something odd; saying it to/about someone who really isn't hot; making fun of someone

*fat lady trips on the bus stairs*
person 1: SO HOT

*your mother cursing in english with an accent*
person 1 & 2 in unison: SO HOT
By Bette-Ann
The Tea Is So Hot
When gossip gets really juicy

person 1: Dude did you hear about that celebrity scandal?
person 2: OMG yes

person 1: Man, the tea is so hot that it just burned through my cup
person 2: LMAO
By Coreen
So Hot Right Now
Saying someone is ridiculously goodlooking, that you cannot believe the high ranking on the attractivness scale this person/item/song/etc has been able to achieve.

By Kylen
So Hot Right Now
something or somebody who is damn fine.
like hansel from zoolander or a fat kebab after a night on the razz.

"aaaaaaah that cuppa tea and a fag, so hot right now!"
By Fionna
Our Kid Would Be So Hot
Another way of saying "let's fuck".

Anna: "Hey boy"
James: "What's up boo?"
Anna: "Nothin much. Just a bit horny"
James: "Oh yeah? Well I bet our kid would be so hot"
Anna: "Fuck me JAMES!"
By Mureil
You're So Hot Right Now
Telling someone they are embarassed by a romantic gesture that has been offered to them
;Telling someone that they look the best they can possibly look at the moment

By Gena
Women So Hot Pls Date Me

“women so hot pls date me” and u can add ur own words after or before that
By Alvira
Could Jesus Microwave A Burrito So Hot That Even He Couldn't Eat It?

stoned guy 1)could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that even he couldn't eat it?
stoned guy 2)WHOOOOAAAAAA!!! i don't know.... what a thinker!!!
stoned guy 1)tell me about it
By George
Can God Make A Taco So Hot Not Even He Can Eat It?
A question with no answer, if god can do everything then if he can make the taco that means he cannot eat the spiciest food, if he cannot make the taco that means that god cannot make a taco too spicy for him. lose lose situation.

I went to the church and told the priest, if god can do ANYTHING, can god make a taco so hot not even he can eat it? everyone stood there speechless with no answer, including the priest
By Minne