Define So Nice Meaning

So Nice
To express how sweet something is. A phrase that sweet people use and tend to add a wicked ring to it.

By Prudence
Shes So Nice

By Dede
Not So Nice Word

Player: F🤔k you!
Server: You have been banned. Reason: Not so nice word.
By Herta
That's So Nice, I'd Tap That Twice
When seeing a girl with such a nice ass, all your male instincts take over and you know you have to get some.

Steve: Hey, see that cashier at #9?

Kevin: Yeah man. That's so nice, I'd tap that twice!
By Therese
Since You Asked So Nicely
"Since you asked so nicely" is a sarcastic term basically meaning "that was rude, but i'll do it." Often used after forcing to say/do something, like "Move now" or "Give me that"

By Katlin
It's So Nice Out, I Think I'll Leave It Out
"It's so nice out, I think I'll leave it out" is a phrase used when stating pleasant weather. The phrase implies that the weather is so nice, you'll leave your dick out, hanging brain, because the cool breeze feels so nice on one's genitalia.

Man, it's 73 degrees outside? It's so nice out, I think I'll leave it out!
By Enriqueta
Murda On The Beat So It's Not Nice
A producer tag for the artist “Murda Beatz”. The line also acts as a disclaimer for listeners informing them of the impending disgust of the beat to follow. Side effects include: uncontrollable bowel movements, involuntary ejaculations, as well as temporary amnesia.

Murda on the beat so it's not nice

Listener: Jesus-tap-dancing christ!
By Crista