Define So Sexy Meaning

So Sexy
An edgy fuck that's Horny all the time. Its basically the gist of what you'll know about him when you meet him.

You're turning out just like So Sexy. I wish you were young again.
By Danella
Billie Joe Armstong's So Sexy Oh My GOD
This guy is the sexiest guy alive, who isn't even afraid to go half-naked in front of thousands of people, who writes the best punk songs out there with awesome sexy Mike and Tre,

and all of them are just so ... SEXY!

Teen #1: Who's the most SEXY guy alive?
Teen #2: Who?
Teen #3: Billie Joe Armstong's so sexy oh my GOD.
Teen #2: OH! Duh. I knew that.
By Libbey
So God Damn Sexy
i could fuck johnny all day if that is possible.....just looking at him makes me horny ;)hes got a nice ass may i add....very sexy. i love him

if johnny walked into my room....right now....i would run up to him and caress him....i would caress him all day and all night....and u kno what that means
By Karlee
Wow So Sexy
Wow so sexy is a phrase often said by NCT's JAEMIN.
Like, he really really really likes saying that.

"How's life?"
"Wow so sexy"
By Lesli