Define Solid Meaning

Can be used to describe a favor done for someone.

By Lanna

That movie was solid.
By Leticia
to say some is strong or hard

oi mate tha kid is solid
By Andromache
A good term for defining whether or not a person is trustworthy.
to be a rock and not to roll is solid.
If you are high up on the food chain in the drug world, and you've never fucked anyone over, then you are definitely solid

luc)hey mike hows your friend?
mike) don`t worry he`s totally solid.
luc) lets test it then throw him a front.
By Florinda
adj used to describe something that is difficult or mentally challenging.

cov/hounslow girl: 'tryin to do micro at mo - cant do it - TOO SOLID.
By Gwennie
a solid is a favor or a good deed. The term originating from within adolescent baby-sitter circles. It refers to a solid bowel movement, one which is easily dealt with.

By Carolee
word used to describe anything thats cool. also, used as a compliment, or to convey appreciation, especially by Tom.

Ben - hey man want to hit mickey d's?
Me - yeah man, thats solid.
By Dania
great, fantastic, sick-narly, pro

that was a solid effort
By Mariana
Cannabis resin looks like a dung ball or comressed brown stuff. The "Solid" can be heated and the smoke given off is directly breathed in this is now as "Hot Rocking" (Rock another term for Solid). If it is lightly heated it can be crumbled and mixed with tobacco to make a joint. For the best effect use a cheese grater to grind the "Solid" into a power and add to a joint with tobacco.

Lets pitch a tent in the lounge and hot rock it with the solid.

One ounce in the UK costs about £50
By Denyse

By Elnore