Define Some Shit Meaning

Some Shit
an undefined thing or activity.

A way of derogotizing someone or something by being dissmissive

1) I gotta go to work and do some shit
2) She says she's from outer space or some shit
By Ardyth
Some Shit
this is the opposite of the shit.used in various conversations refering to someone doing something poorly.

me-did you see how chris shot the ball man.
paul-yeah man, he some shit.

me-yo gimme my food nigga.ewww this taste like some shit!!!
By Elsi
Some Shit
when shit happens, phonetically its told like it izz.
(adjective, noun)

synonyms- a bitch, and add 'bull' for- some bullshit, but difference is just emphasis with the rare exception you step in shit from a male bouvine and may lose its rhetorical value.
precarious, unfortunate, sucks balls, kerfluffle.


person 1:"hurry up and use the ATM so we can pay back the guy by tonight and not get our legs broken."
ATM eats credit card.
person 2:"it ate my mother fucking card! ...aint this some shit."

continues from adjective example
person 1: YEAH! now we're in SOME SHIT!
accountants in suits walk out of the bank all with metal bats.
generic accountant:"times up boys."
By Mag
Or Some Shit
Literally translated: "or something like that"
A phrase said after a vague or exaggerated example.
Usually used when talking about someone or something in the third person.

"James and Gregg are always running off together. They are probably gay for each other or some shit."

"This bus seat is wet, the guy before me must have pissed here or some shit."

Person 1: I saw this interview of Quentin Tarantino yesterday.
Person 2: Who the hell is Quentin Tarantino?
Person 1: That guy that directed Pulp Fiction or some shit.
By Daniela
Some Shit
Used to describe miscellaneous forgotten food items in a large meal deal order. This is the result of ordering a pizza deal and only remembering certain key items in the special.

So i'll have the one with 2 pizzas, garlic bread and some shit.
By Gertruda
Or Some Shit
What everything that isn't what you think it

I think he was trying to define "or some shit" or some shit.
By Kari
On Some Shit
When you don't give a damn bout where you are or who your with or what your up against - your focused on whatever it is, whether you wana Knock someones ass out or your pissed off!!

What the F**k you lookin at!
Nah dog you on some shit! or what type a shit he on
By Gerianne
Is Some Shit

My mother cable is some shit RCN...I thought Comcast was some shit....
By Leonelle
Alfred Some-shit
Din Thomas' name for mixed martial artist Alfred Khashakyan. This name is used due to Din's inability to correctly pronounce Alfred's real surname.

Din: "The last fight featured the highly touted Alfred Some-shit, because I can't pronounce his name!"
By Orelle
Ain't That Some Shit?
A resigned expression of disappointment at the outcome of a situation, generally one which is unfair or discriminatory.

Popularised by CeeLo Green's 2010 song "Fuck You"

If I was richer, I'd still be with ya. Now ain't that some shit?
By Stephannie