Define Spencer Meaning

a great guy who cares about alot, usually very easy to talk to but can be shy; just someone who cares and is very sweet

he was being such a spencer to her last night, it was so cute :)
By Elbertine
A kickass guy who is sweet at water skiing. They have many skill sets from black belt karate to taking your girl. They are usually not fond of thots and tells them to be gone.

Hey are you a Spencer Clark, you must be, look at you!
By Trish
A male posessing BAMF-like qualities, also very good looking.

Damn, you see that Spencer? Him and Bovice just got shot and are still standing!
By Ethelin
Urban slang for a pimp, or ladies man.Owner of a large penis. Known for drinking abilities and masterful guitar skills. A virtuoso in video games and electronics. Known for his friendship making skills and other social oddities.

"Dude you're so cool, you're such a spencer!"
By Kellen
an amazing man with crystal blue-grayish eyes. any girl would be lucky to have him because he's great boyfriend material. I love him. with all my heart save the date 1-26-12.

me: "today was jut horrible ):"
spencer: "but no matter what your beautiful"

me: awwh.
By Deane
A hunk of a man who never shaves.
Incredibly hairy

Also resembles the leader of the Nazi party.

Woah is that guys name Spencer?
Why would you think that?
He looks like a nazi and is soooo hairy!
By Dayna
a really sweet guy who really seems like a fuckboy but really isn't. he is very passionate but doesn't wish to show it, in spite of his popularity, he is the sweetest guy you'll ever know.

spencer was just being lovely ❤️
By Mahalia
Really cool very nice and all around good person but at times is terrifying in a good way i think I dont know alls i do know is that its not just a guys name its also fan belong to girls

Did you see spencer at the party she was looked so hot.
By Leesa
A crazy spaztastic lunatic with greasy hair, often found shredding on his guitar.

By Tanitansy

you are like spencer
By Rosalia