Define Spend Meaning

to come; ejaculate, issue semen

she was so hot I thought I would spend just looking at her
By Larine
Another term for "spent, but is crappy in grammar.

I spended $6.00 on milk at Wal-Mart.
By Kellen

Lets go to the hole in the wall and get some 'spends'

Im skint ive got no 'spends'
By Phaidra
To use drugs; to waste yourself.

Jason spends himself every weekend.
By Desiree

By Rhetta
Spending Amnesia
Trying to recall where and when you spent all your money normally when that said money is needed. Occurs because of bad spending habits and fucking awesome party nights.

"Dude, I'm so bad with money! It just disappears."

"You might have spending amnesia. I remember you lost at beer pong then hit the pubs with those trannys.'"
By Karlyn
Spend A Penny
To urinate in a shop's sanitation facilities, which origianlly cost a penny.

What if I don't have a penny? Do I just piss my pants?
By Idelle
Spending Money
The money you have left after you have paid all your bills for the month. This is money you can spend on whatever the hell you want or save towards something big.

Joe had no spending money left after paying for his girlfriend's shopping spree.
By Hettie
Spend The Ben

Don't make me spend the ben
By Hyacintha
Spend A Penny
to expel urine from one's body

Where's the bathroom? I really need to spend a penny!
By Julissa