Define Spicy Straight Meaning

Spicy Straight
spicy straight is a term girls use when they aren’t bi but think women are pretty. they say this because they “hate” men. they would never date a girl. this term is very invalidating towards lesbians and bisexual women because being lgbt isn’t a trend for people who “hate” men. please respect lesbians and bisexual women and don’t use this term.

girl 1 what’s your sexuality?

girl 2 i’m spicy straight

girl 1 oh, so you invalidate lesbians and bisexual women?
By Arleta
Spicy Straight
a girl who isn't bi but likes the idea of sexual acts with girls, but doesn’t want to/see themself dating a girl

“what’s your sexuality?”
“Im not bi, but i'm spicy straight”
“ok i see you
By Tiffani
Spicy Straight
someone who is extremely straight but has second thoughts sometimes/are risky w some ppl.

yeah bro, she was spicy straight at the party.
By Lisette
Spicy Straight
A term that straight white girls use when facing a question of "What's your sexuality?" but wanna seem quirky. You'd often finding those girls using this with a side of "Kill all men!". They say that they're attracted to girls too but they would never date one. Actually, if you ever came out to a girl who's "Spicy straight" they would probably stay the hell away from you for the next couple of years in fear that you might fall in love with them. No one wants a taste of your vagina Stacy! Anyways, this term is quite offensive to actual people in the LGBTQ+ community so please don't seriously use this against sexuality hate crime.

Quirky Girl: I'm spicy straight
Lesbian girl: Please do shut the fuck up.
By Aggie
Spicy Straight
Spicy straight is term a girl would use when they are straight but think some girls are pretty. They think some girls are pretty but they would never kiss one or sleep with one. Please don’t use spicy straight is invalidates bi people and lesbians.

Girl 1: What’s your sexuality
Girl 2: I’m spicy straight
Girl 1: Ah, good job invalidating lesbians and bi people!
By Lenette
Spicy Straight
a "sexuality" that quirky white girls made up. it means you think girls are pretty but would never date one. its stupid

"guys i have an annoucement. Im spicy straight"
By Karna
Spicy Straight
Straight but with a hint of gay

“I could make out with a girl but I could never catch feelings for one or date one. I’m spicy straight.”
By Essie
Spicy Straight
A person that is sexually attracted to their same gender without no desire for an emotional relationship bringing lgbtq flavor into their straightness

I mean yea I’m bicurious... but to my conservative relatives I’m just a reaaallll spicy straight
By Terra
Spicy Straight
A term used by girls who find other girls attractive but wouldn't date one. These girls don't feel the need to use bi as they wouldn't date a female.

Stranger one. Hey are you bi
Stranger two. Hey, no I'm spicy straight

Stranger one. Cool
By Livia
Spicy Straight
A straight person with a queer sense of style and humor

Look at lilly's style, they are a 💫spicy straight💫
By Morna