Define Spit It Meaning

Spit It

spit it unless you want to quit it
By Cindee
On The Spit
to be fucked doggy style while giving an other a head job

"Shazza is such a slut, she was on the spit again the other night"
By Gladi
On The Spit
to take a penis anally/vaginally whilst performing oral sex on a penis

sarah was on the spit with anthony and vincent
By Tarrah
A rapper or emcee's way of saying, "Bust a rhyme."

By Elianora
To speak. Usually used in reference to hip hop, rap or poetry

By Rozina
Can be used to refer to when people rhyme/flow.

"he spits rhymes" or "he be spittin rhymes like ace!"
By Pansy
Another word for rapping. People sometimes call rapping spitting because sometimes a lot of saliva builds up in the mouth while rapping long verses. So even you are in front of someone it's okay if some of your spit comes out .

Tyrone: Yo man, why wont Sean rap for us?
Dwayne: he got some saliva in his mouth when he raps
Tyrone: Then let him start spitting
By Bab
when a chick hates the taste of the man juice.

oppisite of swallow

mary anne spits

she looks like she would swallow
By Nessa

By Viviyan
To rap.

By Querida