Define Stabbed Meaning

What will happen to you in inner city dublin if you don't wear a 'burberry' jumper, or tuck your tracksuit bottoms into your socks

ey! mista'r, gis yar wallit, ar i'll get ya stabbed!
By Sibyl
To take a knife, and poke something with it until they stop moving.

Woah, did you see him stab that guy? What a mess.
By Nancee
To use one's bonafied penis as a knife and pelvic thrust it into objects of affection.

Man Kyle Gibney is stabbing the hell out of that bowling ball.
By Joly
Having sex with a chick, you stab her with your cock

Hey did you have sex last night.

Yea i stabbed her
By Alexis
1: (v) Slang for having sexual intercourse, usually from the male perspective.

Carlisle: Hey Edward, see that girl over there?

Edward: Yeah, what about her?

Carlisle: Well she caught a stabbing from this guy(points double thumb at himself) last night.
By Stacy
a word used by the regular army to describe the T.A
abreiviation of "stupid teritorial army bastards"
also known as the S.A.S.A.S.A.S
(saturdays and sundays and sometimes after school)

look at them stabs, not one of them under 20 stone
By Margaux

Usually used to refer to the attacks of a pokemon getting a 50% increase when using moves of their own type.

While Psychic is the premier psychic-type move to begin with, when combined with STAB and the high special attack of an Espeon, it's nothing short of deadly.
By Averil
DJ technique - the result is a "hit" sound. It works best with a brass chord sample.

In parallel he bumps the record forward and opens the crossfader for a split second, which sounds like a short hard note.

Old school DJs will use a lot of stabs to give some punch to the 808 beats.
By Wynn
When a person says something particularly harmful to someone they care about to either punish them, make them back off & weaken them, to see if they care through manipulation, or to simply just hurt them.

BĂŠbĂŠ: well the game seems more real than you even tho it is something virtual
Moi: What's that supposed to mean? You're really stabbing me now?
By Kimberlyn
When a male has "got it goin' on". In other words, he's got the entire package- looks, smarts, skills, killer personality, everything.

Girl 1: "I met a boy thats hot, going to Northwestern and loves to cook. Too good to be true, he must be gay or something."

Girl 2: "I dunno Northwestern boys are usually preeetttyy stabbed...."
By Imogene