Define Staff Meaning

A really large penis or people that work under you.

All the biatches working on my staff have been rode on my staff.
By Bessie
a terrible type of infection. can lead to death if not treated immediatly. comes in two forms. lindsey and kim

Man, stay away form that fat bitch. She might give you a staff infection.
By Terrie
Someone you cannot go a day without.

Ruby... she is my staff
By Sharline
Way of defining whether a chick is hot or not.


She can have the TAFF, SAFF, so on and so forth.

Danny:She got STAFF?
Jared:No, only TAFF
By Risa
consisting of 4 girls who claim that "we don't run" but "we run shit". In truth, these girls are nothing more than alcoholic cheerleaders.

While staff throws good parties, they are a lot of drama.
By Catherine
A word used when someone over exaggerates


Steve - I had sex with 50 men on the weekend

Bob - Staffs!
By Enrica
A calm and relaxed person to the public, but behind closed doors a sexual pervert of the worst kind

That guy was weird, do you think he was staff?
By Pamela
When a person wears either basketball shorts or sweat pants and you can see the bulge of their junk

Dude look at Steve in those basketball shorts... he's totally got staff!

Man 1: Bro your junk is bulging out
Man 2: Aw man, you're telling me i have staff?
Man 1: Yeah... now deal with it
By Selie
For The Staff
I would appreciate it if you changed the way your site works. It needs to be arrange so that you approve of the definitions before they get posted on your site. Please do this because kids in my high school have been abusing the way this site works and have been making fun of kids. It is giving them bad reputations at school and making everyone think bad things about them that is not true,and most of it encourages sexual things. I know this because it happened to me. Just please change this site so that you approve it or somehow make it so that people will not keep using this site to anonymously make fun of kids who did nothing to them.

By Elnore
For The Staff

"concerned" has chosen to abuse the system, and use this as a message board, shame on him
By Livvyy