Define Staple Meaning

Term used in card games that signifies a card that everybody runs in every single deck.

That card is a staple in all of my decks.
By Madelin

Yeah I took her home and stapled her to the wall.
By Vickie
Used to hold two or more peices of paper together in a slightly more permanent way then a paperclip. Also used in surgery to hold a wound together.

"Will you pass the stapler so I can staple my papers together?"

"He split his head open good, we'll need to staple it back together."
By Coletta
When you push down the safety bars extremely tight on a roller coaster or amusement park ride, often resulting in a very uncomfortable experience. People who love roller coasters will avoid stapling as much as possible, as it eliminates any possibility of airtime where they slightly float out of their seat.

People often staple themselves when they're scared or unsure on the safety of a ride, which can cause them to not enjoy the ride because of how tight the bars are. Try to avoid stapling by not pushing down the bar as far as it can go.

Peter: Did you enjoy the Blizzard coaster?
Jeremy: No, the ride operators stapled me when they checked the bars.
Peter: Damn that sucks.
By Tommi
a 45. or 38. special. a pistol

homeboy was poppin off at the mouth so i pulled that staple on his ass.shut em up real quick!
By Gilberta
A place or point of reference that is frequently visited and enjoyed by a specific individual or individuals due to their consistently positive experience. Ones "go- to" hangout.

Based off the money and time she has spent at Ulta over the years as well as the amount of redeemable award points she has accumulated on her loyalty card,, it's clear that Ulta is definitely a staple in her shopping routine
By Janet
to get inebriated to such a large degree that one loses all motor and speech skills. One common side affect of "getting stapled" is inventing a completely new personality, which is often obsessed with college football games and the days on which they are played. Getting stapled is often a result of playing team-based drinking games which may cause skull fractures that require staples to heal.

Place of Origin: West Palm Beach, Florida

Bro #1: Hey man, did you see how stapled Raoul got yesterday?
Bro #2: What, did he try to stab someone again?
Bro#1: No, even worse. He tried to fight an entire fraternity in their own house!

"Dude, Bill was so cocksmashingly stapled last night that he drove from Atlanta to Nashville entirely while he was blacked out."
By Rafa
Staples is a large corporation that sells office supplies, furniture and overpriced computer hardware. Staples is characterized by its huge red buildings and how it kills off all the small supply stores in the area. Working for Staples is like getting your soul ripped out because everday you will probably want to kill yourself.

By Fae
The ammo used in the short range weapon found in offices known as the Stapler.

"I need to load my stapler with the staples so I can attack the tango"- A kid who pretends to be in S.A.S.
By Albertina
A song that is frequently played at concerts by a band due to it's popularity.

The song "Hysteria" has become a staple for the band "Muse"
By Lolly